Main News August 2017. Commissioning operations at PASCAL MEDICAL’s plant are going at full speed.

August 2017. Commissioning operations at PASCAL MEDICAL’s plant are going at full speed.

18.08.2017 18:32

PASCAL MEDICAL, a resident of Dubna special economic zone, plans to commence production of the first batch of single-use medical devices in a few months. Now it is carrying out start-up and commissioning of high-tech production equipment at its plant.

Production capacity of this facility will be 450 million units of products per year. Sterile single-use injection syringes will be compliant with all national and international standards relating to good manufacturing practices and will match similar imported devices in every aspect. A major advantage of the new domestic products will be their price which will be affordable for Russian healthcare facilities.

In July 2016 PASCAL MEDICAL commenced construction of a modern high-tech production facility. Today installation and commissioning of equipment in a new shop of the plant are going at full speed. Employees of the company are installing equipment in cooperation with an international team of highly skilled professionals from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg and Canada.

Currently test runs of equipment are performed at the plant and pilot batches of products for testing are produced. So very soon the first commercial batch of high quality Russian-made syringes will be available for consumers. The consumers will be hospitals, test labs and other healthcare facilities.  High quality and affordable products are primarily intended for fulfillment of the important task of replacement of imported medical devices with Russian-made products. Further plans of the company include designing and constructing additional production buildings for manufacturing other types of single-use medical devices.