Main News Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2019 (ISSE)

Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2019 (ISSE)

11.06.2019 13:24

In Moscow, the 12th International salon of security tools «КIntegrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2019» took place in National Economy Achievement Exhibition EXPO pavilion #75 from 5 to 7 June 2019.

СThe ISSE is held in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 30 October 2017, No. 2403-p.

The «Pascal Medical» company participated in the Salon as an exhibitor.

The international salon ISSE is the largest exhibition project of the federal level in Russia dedicated to demonstrating the results of federal policy and achievements in the area of national security and the security of its people and territory.

Objectives of the Salon:

Demonstrating the results of federal policy in the national integrated security area; formulating the specific proposals on improvement in mechanisms of cooperation among the authorities, leading technological solutions designers, producers and consumers in order to promote up-to-date fire-rescue and digital technologies and products in the Russian and international markets of security features and systems.

Main topics of the ISSE:

  • The year 2019 is the 370th birthday of the Russian fire protection service.
  • Digitization of the processes of a life protection support and hardware and software system «Safe city».
  • Advanced development in the complex safety area.
  • Safety ensuring in the Arctic region.

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