Main News May 2017 Dubna Special Economic Zone Installation of the largest gas sterilization chamber.

May 2017 Dubna Special Economic Zone Installation of the largest gas sterilization chamber.

27.04.2017 13:21

Implementation of PASCAL MEDICAL LLC’s project of creation of a high-tech production facility for production of medical devices is progressing at a high pace. Currently finishing works, engineering activities and installation of general equipment in the production facility are in progress. The next step we are about to proceed with is installation of production equipment.

On May 20, 2017 we commenced installation of an ethylene oxide sterilization chamber at our company’s facility. This is the largest sterilization chamber in Russia as of today. Its internal volume is 104.6 m3 and its weight is 24 tons. The chamber is made by Sterimed (Switzerland). "The ethylene oxide disposal system used in this chamber ensures that concentration of ethylene oxide in exhaust gases will not exceed 0.0005% (5ppm ЕО). Such a result is achieved due to a chemical reaction of a solution of sulfuric acid with ethylene oxide in a specially designed three-stage unit. Such a system (as distinguished from system utilizing the process of combustion of ethylene oxide) is intended to ensure the zero risk for the environment, because products of the chemical reaction are two neutral compounds: ethylene glycol and water". The planned capacity is 1,500,000 million syringes per day. Availability of own sterilization facility makes us capable to efficiently and safely control the sterilization process by using advanced automatic control systems which allows us to receive live information on the sterilization process in real time with its output to the operator’s panel. This makes us 100 percent sure in quality of sterilization of medical devices, which is fully in line with the concept of quality management currently being implemented at our production facilities.