Main News PASCAL MEDICAL LLC opened its doors for young citizen of Dubna

PASCAL MEDICAL LLC opened its doors for young citizen of Dubna

26.01.2018 12:15

In addition to solving problems of production of high-quality medical products, PASCAL MEDICAL LLC pays great attention to career guidance for young people in order to prepare qualified production staff. Earlier our plant was visited by a team of officers and specialists of the Interregional Competence Center of Cheboksary Electromechanical College and Dubna University for exchanging knowledge in the area of professional training and development of new demanded education programs.

However, problems of occupational guidance are interesting not only to high school graduates but also for those students who are just starting to think about their future careers. On January 23, 2018, we held a factory tour for fifth grade students of our sponsored gymnasium №11. In the form of edutainment, quizzes and contests the children learned about the full production cycle, from loading of polypropylene beads used in injection molding machines to sterilization of finished products. Also we showed them our warehouse premises with gravity-flow racks and told them about key benefits of such a method of storage of finished products. 

We believe that this is very useful experience which will allow our children to expand their knowledge in the area of occupational opportunities and help them to choose their future professions.