Main News Uniqueness and high quality. What is the secret of the demand production of syringes in Dubna?

Uniqueness and high quality. What is the secret of the demand production of syringes in Dubna?

31.05.2019 13:33

Телеканал channel visited the manufacturing site of the «PASCAL Medical» in SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Dubna and found out the success factors of the plant production.

Every day a million syringes come off the «PASCAL Medical» production line. It counts 450 million per year. From the beginning of the year 2019, the production volume has increased fourfold. The contracts for 200 million of syringes have been already concluded. The reason for such demand is their high quality. «The injection with our syringe is a painless manipulation,» - employees say. They claim that it can hardly be even compared with a gnat sting.

«In our production process there is a procedure of silicone coating of the needle. It makes the process of injection of the needle in the human body painless. It doesn’t exist everywhere, but as we are a modern enterprise, we couldn’t afford not to pay attention to that,» - the head of the «Pascal Medical» quality service Julia Pankrashina noticed

Julia is working at the plant for a year. During this time, starting as the leading specialist in the quality service, she has become its head. When she came to Dubna 10 years ago, she was afraid not to be able to find a job relevant to her profession. But in «PASCAL Medical» she managed not only fulfill her professional potential but also to feel like a science-fiction movie star.

«“The advantage of the plant is that it is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. This concerns the production lines so as the laboratories. In our laboratory, we carry out full testing,» - Julia tells.

This plant history began 3 years ago when in the course of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Moscow region governor and the general manager of the company signed an agreement on an investment partnership. As a result, the plant was built using the Russian investment without a foreign capital involvement. Only one year later, the first line was launched. The plant management says that they still feel state support in real time.

«There is a full support from the management of the Special Economic Zone, Ministry of Investment of the Moscow region, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. We receive subsidies both the regional and the municipal ones,» - Albina Burnatseva, the general manager of Pascal Medical LTD, said.

There are five syringes production lines at the plant. Two or three are functioning at the same time. All components of the final product are manufactured in one facility. To avoid failures, the equipment is checked round the clock. Everything is so automated at the plant that the production process is also controlled by computers. A special video system is installed inside the equipment. The quality of incoming raw material and the final product is being constantly controlled.

So high standards have already led to a certain victory. Today the «PASCAL Medical» syringes are used everywhere from Kaliningrad to Urals. The deliveries start to Siberia.

«We begin to export because our production is unique. Having high-quality standards, we are capable to give lower prices that European analogs have. We enter the European market, Middle-East, Northern Africa to demonstrate that our domestic producer is able to manufacture a good, quality product,» - Albina Burnatseva underlined.

The Russian syringes market volume is 2,6 billion pcs per year. All six Russian producers can meet only one-third of an existing demand. At that, nowadays «PASCAL Medical» is taking the leading positions. This allows the management to come close to undertaking the construction of the second stage of the plant for the production of blood infusion sets. The launch of the construction is planned for this autumn.