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GISP. State information system of Industry

The domestic industry has its own national information system. GISP is one of the essential elements of the infrastructure for ensuring the implementation of the country's industrial policy. The system created on the initiative and under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia will contain information on the state and forecasts of industrial development in the country, operating and projected enterprises, the nomenclature and volume of production of the main types of industrial products, state programs in the field of industry, human resources, a catalog of the best available technologies and other data.

The GISP is designed to help corporations evenly distribute new projects across regions, taking into account the range of products produced, proximity to sales markets, etc. Its developers expect that the complex nature of the information contained in the system will contribute to the reasonable application of state measures to stimulate industrial activity, as well as the speed, transparency and efficiency of interaction between government authorities and industrial actors. Moreover, the GIS is not just a data bank. We are talking about creating a full-fledged electronic trading platform for businesses with the ability to conclude transactions on it, find partners, customers and suppliers.

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All-Russian public organization «Association of Nurses of Russia»

ООО «ПАСКАЛЬ МЕДИКАЛ»The All-Russian public organization «Association of Nurses of Russia» (ANR) бwas founded in 1992 and up to the present day is the largest professional association of specialists that has received high support in Russia and was recognized in the international arena as a member of leading international and regional organizations.

Numerous national and international projects of the ANR are aimed at increasing the professional role of a nurse, paramedic, midwife, improving the training of specialists, and an active involvement of them in continuous medical education programs.

Being an official developer of professional standards, guidelines, scientifically grounded manuals, interacting with partners and manufacturers of medical devices, ANR not only stands for high-quality, safe and modern-day nursing practice, but also makes a great contribution to its formation in the Russian Federation.

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Medical and Technical Cluster of Moscow region (MTC MR)

ООО «ПАСКАЛЬ МЕДИКАЛ» Medical and Technical Cluster of Moscow region (MTC MR) was created on September 29, 2016 for maintain and strength the leading position of the medical industry of the Moscow Region in the Russian Federation, and also to improve a medical devices quality and a competitiveness of participants in the medical device markets through the development of scientific, technical and industrial cooperation, formation of general policies and state support programs and training of specialists, a formation of the state order of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow region and of the Russian Federation, the creation of a specialized structure, cooperation in promoting products to Russian and foreign markets.

At present, the medical industry of the Moscow region occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation in terms of the volume of production of medical devices, the number of investment projects and the total number of medical devices being manufactured. This was supported by federal and regional industrial development programs.

Already in the Medical and Technical Cluster of the Moscow Region, as participants, there are 39 organizations engaged in the production, development, supply of medical devices and technological services, including: 27 are developers and manufacturers of medical devices, 5 are technology service providers, 5 are innovative infrastructure organizations, and one is an University, one is a Research center.

The number of cluster members is constantly growing. The target number of cluster members is at least 100 manufacturers to 2020.

Only in Dubna, in the technical-innovative Special Economic Zone, in the period through to 2020, the Cluster participants are planning to create at least 15 new industries with a planned capacity of 12.9 billion rubles per year.

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All-Russian Public Council of Medical Industry

The Rosmedprom Association was established in 1994 to express the interests of enterprises and organizations involved in the development, production and sale of medicines and medical devices.

In 2003, the Association acted as an organizer and founder of the Union of Associations and the enterprises of the Medical Industry, and is its basic organization. Coordinates activities of 12 associations, which include companies and firms producing more than 90% of medical products. The highest body is the Congress of the Medical Industry Workers, which is approved by the All-Russian Public Council of Medical Industry (VOSMP).

In the period between the congresses, the Guide to the Bureau of the Presidium of the VRRSP. The President of the Council is the President of the Association Rosmedprom. At the congresses, strategic directions of the activities of associations are developed. Decisions of previous congresses were based on the development strategy of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, approved by the Ministry of Industry of Russia.

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