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Sterilization Services

Our company PASCAL MEDICAL LTD offers sterilization services by ethylene oxide. We work on the advanced equipment of Sterimed company (Switzerland). Our sterilization chamber is the largest in Russia.  Its usable volume allows to place simultaneously 30 europallets with dimensions 1200x800 mm, with a height up to 1900 mm each.

The sterilization process takes place under high vacuum that reaches 50 mbar, and is divided into three cycles:

  • Preconditioning (products are moistened by 40-70% and heated to 55°C);
  • Sterilization with ethylene oxide (temperature not higher than 55°C);
  • Degassing (temperature 40°С, EtO residues are removed from the product).

We control and confirm a sterility with the help of biological indicators, as well as special tests that we carry out using our own microbiological laboratory.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Loyal pricing policy;
  • Capacity of our equipment, allowing you to save on logistics;
  • Modern Swiss equipment;
  • Ability to meet your requirements for sterilization parameters;
  • Validation of the process for you;
  • Possibility not full chamber loading by your products;
  • Fast and complete degassing by maintaining the temperature in the chamber.

If you have any question, please call +7 (495) 150-20-80 or email

Photos of equipment and facilities.